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My name is Petr Chalupny, I'm from Czech Republic (central Europe), I'm Bohemian superheavy and overall champion in bodybuilding and the finalist of Mr. Universe and I help people changing themselves.

I was born on January 8 1977 in Jablonec nad Nisou and I grew up in Liberec, where I first entered the gym. I moved to Prague at the age of thirty, where I've been working as a personal trainer.

The first time I entered the gym was at the age of fourteen, when I started studying a high school, which was nearby the gym. I was working out at home some time before, as a complementary workout for Judo, which I was doing from the third class of a basic school, but that was nugatory. The first years were wasted by finding the know how, when there was no one in my entourage who would show me and lead me the right way or who would be giving me some good advices. Those times, I was getting my poor knoledge from the magazines and from the buddies, who unfortunately knew the same trash as me. No wonder that with my naturally thin or gaunt body the results were poor and everbody just laughed to my effort. But if you have a dream and strong will, nothing can stop you.

change-small.jpgThe first big breakage happened, when I started collaboration with husbands of Sukups, who, mostly Jarda, prepared me for a few of my first bodybuilding contests, but the first real successes came, when I started collaboration with Tomas Bures, who leads me up to now and you can find me at his gym. I like giving everything what I have learned over the years about building the body to the people who really wants it and I am happy to see the changes they are going through.

There is a new version of my site: www.petrchalupny.cz

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Contests history


2001 - IFBB North and East Bohemian Championship in Decin - 8th place over 90 kg

2002 - IFBB International contest Promil Cup in Hradec Kralove - 2nd place over 90 kg

2005 - IFBB North and East Bohemian Championship in Decin - 5th place over 90 kg

2005 - IFBB Bohemian Championship in Horice - 6th place over 90 kg

2005 - IFBB National Championship in Frydek Mistek - 10th place over 90 kg

2009 - IFBB Bohemian Championship in Rumburk - 1st place over 90 kg and overall champion

2009 - IFBB National Championship in Jihlava - 3rd place over 90 kg and nomination for Europian Championship in categories of men over 90 kg and pairs

2010 - NAC Mr. Universe in Hamburg, Germany - 6th place in Men 1

2010 - WABBA Mr. Universe in Alzey, Germany - 7th place in X-Tall class

2012 - NAC Mr. Universe in Hamburg, Germany - out of top 10 in Men 1